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a blueprint for strengthening mind, body and spirit


Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching 

I work with my clients to identify and isolate the root causes of their symptoms and help them achieve their health and wellness goals through personalized nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes.   

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About Me


My name is Chelsae Fornelli and I am a health coach & personal trainer. 

After my own personal struggles ranging from sports injuries to severe adrenal and hormonal dysfunction and being told for years by doctors/specialists that everything I was experiencing was normal and unchangeable, I realized I needed to start looking somewhere else. I learned to trust my body and my intuition and chose to dig deeper to understand what was causing my concerns instead of trying to cover the symptoms. 

During my ongoing journey in healing, including having a knowledgeable support system to help me get on a path of healing, led me to my passion of health coaching and helping others believe that they are capable of abundant health. I will show you how to incorporate sustainable modifications and slowly start moving in the right direction. As your health coach, I will encourage you in your success as you transform yourself into the best you possible. We will work together to create goals to incorporate all aspects of your life; mind, body and spirit, because an imbalance in any area will lead to chaos throughout.

The part can never be well unless the whole is well.


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