"Chelsae was just wonderful.

She is patient and definitely has a great perspective in how to help people.

We began completely focusing on my narrow goals of physical transformation (weight loss, muscle gain). As that began to change, she helped me develop a higher vision of complete balance in my life. I already knew I could create this balance because she had helped me make desired physical changes. 

She was great at asking the right questions to get me to lead myself to the right answer on how I can make changes in my own life.  Even after our meetings I have been able to apply the thing she taught me to continually succeed in life balance.

She really is here to help with long term changes. She is a skilled professional at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make consistent changes in hopes of success in all parts of life

. I especially recommend her to people that have very busy schedules.

— Eric R.

"Before I had met Chelsae, my health was in decline. I was overweight, lacking confidence, and had no idea how much my daily habits played into my overall health. She showed me how to regain control of my life through better eating habits, healthy lifestyle choices, and training plans that fit my life and work schedule. Under her guidance and formulated plans I've completed several marathons, a 50k, and have built a foundation of healthy habits and a much healthier lifestyle."

-Leon F.